Who am I?

My name is Kate and I’m a part-time artist, blogger, the occasional epitome of the depressed Millenial, and full-time NERD.  Full stop, I’m writing this section while wearing a Captain America shirt because I can.

I love playing with design and how things look, from websites to my ever handy bullet journal.  This could be because I grew up in a house where my artist mother taught art classes and used my siblings as gallery assistants, or it could just be part of my nature.  Probably a bit of both considering I started building homepages for fun when I was twelve years old… and using “rescued” toy parts as decor in little Lego houses when I was even younger.

Why “Bad Wolf Works”?

Because of Doctor Who!  Okay, my nerdery aside, BadWolf was my first Twitter handle.  No one seemed to think it suited me but I loved it anyway.  It was a clear and identifiable indicator of who I was, a Doctor Who fan.  Something that both connected me with other people and was a name that was easy to remember.  Bad Wolf Works grew from that, it’s a goal as an artist to work at what I love and keep creating.

What now?

Check out my portfolio in progress or swing by my Society6 shop!  I work primarily on abstract digital paintings and pattern design, but you may see a few different things from Bad Wolf Works!

Feel free contact me here or on twitter @badwolfworks


When you accidentally Vulcan salute while Power Ranger Morphing